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Hi, I am looking for advice. In Dec 2014 I felt so tired I went to my gp. I discovered that I had lost weight. In fact I had lost muscle and gained some fat. I did a bit of research and found that small cell lung cancer can have some strange symptoms. My fatigue continued and in Oct 2016 I managed to get a PET/CT. This scan never picked anything up that worried my doctor. The question is, do now forget about lung cancer or should I still pursue further tests, maybe another scan in 6 months? I still feel exhausted and the loss of muscle means what muscle I have is always a bit sore as if I have worked out too much in the gym. Thank you for any help. Steve.

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  • Hi Stevewhite81a

    Welcome onto this forum.

    Wherever you had the PET/CT scan I would ask to see the results for yourself to put your mind at rest. You are quite in your rights to see them. Ask for a report if possible and it should have gone to your GP so ask him. I would get that info. Before pursuing more tests . You are obviously concerned as I would be if it was myself, so there should be someone that can help you find out what is causing your symptoms and to stop you from worrying if nothing else.

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Hoggy, i did ask for a copy of the report, but was told it could only go to the referring doctor. The referring doctor said I wouldn't understand it, so he interpreted it for me. There was one subtle area of change but not pet avid and therefore no need to worry. He sent his interpretation to my gp and copied me in, so I don't think he is trying to brush something under the carpet. I might call the imaging department again though, they might give me the report as its been a few months since the scan. Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Stevewhite81a,

    Welcome to the Roy Castle community.I am sorry you have been experiencing such troublesome symptoms. There would be no reason for your doctor to withhold any information from you based on your scan results.In the absence of any other symptoms of lung cancer and the scan results you have been given it seems lung cancer is an unlikely diagnosis.

    I would suggest that ask your GP to advise you as to any other further investigations he thinks relevant for example blood tests,viral tests.

    Kind regards,

    All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

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