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Constant stabbing

Hi everyone not wrote on here for a while I've been ok doing well on the cannabis oil, had a scan about 3 months ago and it showed a little growth and no more spreed, however for a THE last week I have been waking up with phlegm on my chest and my ribs back and spine have been quite painfully I refused to go to the doc as I thought they would just say that the tumour had got bigger there for it would be more painful and not smoking for about a yr and a half would cause my lungs to get rid of crap, my parter insisted that I saw our doctor and she said that I had the start of a chest infection. After a few days of taking antibiotics the pain had gone, now I have a kinda stabbing pain just what seems like one rib on my right side and no amount of pain relief will take the pain away, anyone got any advice as it's stopping me from sleeping on the right side and kills when I'm laid flat, THANKS IN ADVANCE 😄🙏😄

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HI Littleannies

Sorry to hear about the pain you are having, which could be a combination of many things, the chest infection and the cough exerting your muscles, what is important is to see your GP as soon as to assess your pain and give you some effective pain relief.

From what you have written your current painkillers are not having the desired effect, therefore your GP may prescribe something much more effective and allow you to sleep.

Our free Nurse - Led Helpline number is 0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


I haven't had a cough and no real signs that I've had a chest infection to be honest I've got tuff on my chest yes but no other symptoms to clarify that I'm no doc but I know my body I've been to the hospital I've had some tests so X-ray C.T scan were all clear so They have put it down to muscular and nerve pain

Thanks for replying Roy castle support team



You don't mention where your tumors are located. I get stabbing pain in my liver from my tumor when it was progressing. Other than the cannibis oil, what other treatment are you doing?


Hi I've got lung cancer mets to my adrenal liver glands, I'm not having any other treatment at the moment they said there was nothing else they can do for me so that's one of the reasons I'm taking the oil and other supplements like vits and black seed oil trying to acidify - alkinine my body but that's not going to well. The pains were unbareable and the pain relief wasn't taking all the pain away however it has slightly got a bit better today I've had a few tests at the hospital and I don't have any blood clots neither had the cancer got any worse so all the doc can put it down to is muscular and nerve pain

. Thanks for replying simpy57

Hope u r ok


i dont have any answers for you ..i just wanted to send a hug xx


hi hope you have now got your pain under control, my husband suffered lots of pain in his side and found if he slept with 3 pillows and had a pillow at the side of him, it helped him hope this works for you x

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