My mum had a seizure (brain met)😢

My mums been doing fine, has a single brain met and we are waiting for her stereotactic treatment. She I on 6mg dex a day and has had no seizures until yesterday. I had my in laws visiting so my mum went out with my brother for the morning, on the way home she said I'm not ready to go home yet, drop me in town and I'll bus home. She is very strong willed and likes to be out. I got a phone call from my brother to say she was in an ambulance in way to a and e as she collapsed in town. Met the ambulance there and she was spark out. Witnesses said she twitched and unresponsive. Doc did urgent ct, showed no further growth of tumour and no new ones so that is good but swelling not reduced. They have increased her dex to 8mg and put her on anti epilepsy drugs. It could have been a lot worse, feel so guilty she was on her own 😢 x

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  • Husband over last 5 years have had cancer twice ones in each lung over last 12month food is getting stuck when eating sometimes he is sick to bring i up he is 76 wont have it looked at

  • Hi em,

                   My mother was very strong willed,if she had asked me to drop her in town I would have done what she asked.Do not feel guilty as she was alone because she wanted some time on her own.Best wishes .


  • Hi em

    Sorry to hear about your mum.  It is natural  to protect people we love when they are ill however they sometimes need the freedom to lead their life, although this can be frustrating for carers .  Hope that your mum is feeling better soon now that the new medication has started.  Our helpline no. is 0333 323 7200 ext 2 if you would like to speak to someone.  

    Best Wishes

  • Hi...please don't feel guilty,there is only so much we can do and when people are strong willed...even more difficult. My late wife had brain mets....and her seizure was the only way we found out about the lung cancer.....but the dex did do the trick and she never had another..though the side effects were not nice with dex. Please take care of yourself. John x

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