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Carers resource for looking after someone with lung cancer

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to develop new resource for carers looking after someone with lung cancer. The information will be available in print and online format. The resource will focus on the practical support that is available to carers and on the emotional demands of the caring role. This will provide them with an insight into a lung cancer patients thoughts, feelings, tips and how to care effectively. Some of the topics that are going to be included are as follows:

* Getting support

* Getting help at home - what support is available through local social services

* Help and Support - information about local health team and what they do

* Self Help

* Advocacy

* Peer Support

* Legal Help

* Carers Wellbeing

* Emotional demands of long term care

* Keeping well at work

* Carers Health Checks

* When to go to GP

I am looking for carers who would be willing to share any words of wisdom and their experiences including photographs to feature in these resources.. I am also looking for patients with carers to get involved by providing tips on how best to care for someone with lung cancer (from a patient perspective). Your feedback on the above topics would be much appreciated. Please let me know if there topics not listed that you would like to see covered.

If this is a resource you would like to contribute to, please email me with your tips, stories etc. My email address is

Many thanks and Best wishes,


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Ollie, I care for my dad with Lung cancer you wont get photos from me but im more than happy to answer questions.

lots of love



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