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Rick Simpson & lung cancer

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Hello all!

I wonder if anyone can advise me! I had a reply to a post I wrote regarding my mum having Non Small Cell Lung Cancer advising me of Rick Simpson and his famous product they gave me an email which I did email as I'm desperate to do anything to help my precious mum. I thought it would be worth trying anything. I now have noticed that this post has been removed from this forum and I'm now very worried that it may have been some sort of scam although the address did contain Rick Simpsons name. When we are desperate we resort to many different measures however, I am not a wealthy person by any means and I do not want to be scammed. Please can anyone advise me?

Many thanks

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Hi, you will find lots of material on the internet regarding cannabis as as cure for cancer. Rick Simpson is a real person and does give out information regarding the use of cannaboid oil as a cure for most cancers.

This may be the case and I am no expert and I do believe some people may have benefits from using it. I also think you have to ensure anything you use is safe to use. I believe a synthetic oil is available. Have you discussed this with your mum's medical team? I do know most professionals dispute the theory but you may find your oncologists are supportive of complementary medicine and I also have used some herbal medication to try and alleviate symptoms.

Here is snippet of info that Cancer Research UK put out some time ago.

There is no doubt that cannabinoids – both natural and synthetic – are interesting biological molecules. Hundreds of scientists around the world are investigating their potential in cancer and other diseases – as well as the harms they can cause – brought together under the blanket organisation The International Cannabinoid Research Society.

Researchers first looked at the anticancer properties of cannabinoids back in the 1970s, and many hundreds of scientific papers looking at cannabinoids and cancer have been published since then. This Wellcome Witness seminar is also fascinating reading for aficionados of the history of medical cannabis, including the scientific, political and legal twists.

But claims that this body of preclinical research is solid “proof” that cannabis or cannabinoids can cure cancer is highly misleading to patients and their families, and builds a false picture of the state of progress in this area. For example, we’ve taken a look at more than 30 scientific papers that are often claimed to “prove” that cannabis cures various types of cancer. (emphasis added).

Theirs is a sceptical view and I advocate neither for it or against, as I said you will find lots of positive material on the net but the decision is personal.

Good Luck


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Jasone in reply to

Very hypocritical when GW pharma market Sativex and Epidolex and are now looking at its use with cancer

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ferntreegully in reply to Jasone

Jasone. You really seem to know about cannabis oil. Do you endorse the products on LoveCBD site. Thank you. Really look forward to your reply and any other experience you have.

Hi just noticed you mention the love c oil site I have been using this site for over 12 months and I have always found them to be trust worthy and proffetional I have never had any problems with them and find the oil really helps me with the nerve pain hoping this has helped in any way x

Thanks very much for your heartening reply. Appreciated.

Cannabis Oil can really help/work. Unless the person offering c.o. is reachable by phone, valid fb, previous people testimonies they've helped do not buy from them. If you need any help on the subject please ask away.

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esmaleyla in reply to Jasone

Hi Jason it all seems very confusing in way off hemp oil I have seen the oil for sale on various American Web sites there are that many to chose from unless I am completely it's a mind field could you please shed any light on this for me without maybe getting to scientific lol would be grateful thank you

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Jasone in reply to esmaleyla

Hemp oil is from the seeds. Cannabis Oil is from the flowers.

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esmaleyla in reply to Jasone

Thank you jasone for your prompt reply take care

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ferntreegully in reply to Jasone

Jasone thanks for getting back, appreciated. I am surprised that his can be bought as initially, I was told by my GP that a patient flies to Amsterdam to get the oil as their are illegalities in this country? Perhaps you can clarify that for me. I note that the LoveCB site that I mentioned has an e mail form contact but has no phone number. Is this purveyor trustworthy in your estimation and....lastly....can you advise of a trustworthy site please? Thank you.

I also am very interested in Rick Simpson oil. Me and my friend have done a lot of research into this e.g watching vids speaking to American companies. And so far the cheapest and best way to do it, is to buy and make it your self.

Yes I have had instruction how to do that you would need to be a scientist to follow the instructions I was given it was so very confusing so I wish you well if your attempting this good luck xx

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Jasone in reply to esmaleyla

You must never use isopropyl. Olive oil is the cheapest method of extraction.

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Newby234 in reply to Jasone

Hi can you tell me where I can get this oil my husband has terminal lung cancer and just started chemo. Thankyou

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