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Iressa for BAC but what about Bone Pain?

My mom has been on Iressa (gefitnib) since JUNE 2013. She started this medication just before my wedding. We noticed a huge change in her energy level and overall well being within the week that she started using it. She is still on Iressa and her CT scan and blood results look great (as of today).

In the past 2 weeks she has severe pain from her throat to the stomach...what could this be? she is taking hydromorph contin for pain management til they do more tests.

Questions : Has anyone experienced metastasis into the bones?

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Hello beautifulsimplicity

It sounds as though your mum has had a good response to the treatment for a long period, which can make it distressing when there are side effects.

Dry and sore mouth are listed as potential side effects of the treatment. It would be best to talk to your mum's medical team to identify what the source of her pain, I hope you don't have too long to wait for her test results.

best wishes


@Roy Castle


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