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Just been to see the oncologist ,a lovely lady .I feel I am been akward but I am a sceptic when it comes to

chemo,viewing it as some sort of guess work .My surgeon says 90%cure 5%more with chemo and 5%unknown, my oncologist reckons its less than 90% cure ,now I am not sure of my descions .She also tells me a chance of a cure only happens now not later if it recurrs.However ,5% still can get me the unknown aspect, therefore its tongue in cheek no one knows even they are unsure if they would have the treatment either .Great so I could risk my working organs on a game of russian roulette or long term hearing defects and peripheal neuropathy on a game of maybes.I have to the 2/5/15 to decide they pointed out i may already be cured from surgey so where do I go from here? Anyone out there who declined chemo and are still cancer free some years later.Help.

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Hi diane55,

It is not an easy decision to make.What would you advise someone you love to do in your situation?Best wishes whatever you decide.Sorry I cannot be more helpful.



Thanks for replying ,l am still struggling with this decision but have gathered more information from the MacMillan nurses and my lung cancer nurse and there have been many conversations with family and friends .I think l may do the first cycle and see how it effects me ,l know this is not an easy ride so at least l am not under any illusion, cancer is unpredictable and it may come back or still be a silent companion that has not quite left me yet. Chemo of any sort is just daunting and to me terrifying just like the surgery but in a different way .


Hello Diane

Chemotherapy can be a daunting prospect and you are doing the right thing in weighing up the benefits and impact. We have recently produced a Patient Decision Aid on this topic which you might find useful. Please give us a call on freephone 0333 323 7200 option 2 if you would like a copy,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Hi I have now made a decision based on more information made available to me regarding staging ,the cancer was in two lymph nodes not one and histology are now looking at a third lymph node and it was P2 not P1 so quite possibly it will recur so that's that an easier decision has been made .I am going to have chemo and now I have made that decision l feel calmer but still terrified, there are no easy solutions or answers.


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