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What symptoms did you have before being diagnosed with lung cancer?

I'm going through the processs of being diagnosed with lung cancer. I had a cough a good 8 months ago that lasted 3 weeks but then stopped. apart from that iv been tired and have a left shoulder pain.

Want to know if my swollen face more the eyes, is linked to lung cancer. Also my ESR is very high at 68.

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Hi Yaz,

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this process. These are less common symptoms that we hear of but may be linked. If you would like further information we have a publication called Lung Cancer, Answering your questions

Have you a health professional appointment soon where you have the opportunity to ask questions?

Best wishes, Beth, on behalf of information and support


I have just started chemo having being diagnosed in November with lung cancer. The only real symptoms I had was a very bad right shoulder, the cancer is in my right lung and breathlessness. I never had a cough and still don't. The shoulder had been an on going problem that I was having treatment for as a trapped nerve. The shoulder had been a problem of and on for about 10 years and they say the cancer was fairly recent (not sure what they mean by new as its already advance to stage IV) but I took that to mean a couple of years. I have actually no other symptoms at all.

I had my first chemo yesterday and feel fine at the minute no sickness, no more tired than normal, my back keeps going on me but that could be because I was sat down for best part of 8 hours yesterday.

Good Luck and take care.



good on you hun.... it is a bastard of a disease:( xoxo Hugs and Love to you


Hiya ..I put on weight...also had the pain in shoulders... put it down to too much pc :(

and just couldnt walk 20 steps without being out of breath.. I put it down to weight gain... i was doing zumba 2 times a weak and wondered why i couldnt keep up... i was a singer.. was singing with collapsed lung for a few mths. before diag.... :Lung removed now... still short of breath.. but this is the New Normal :( it sux..xoxo


hi, i was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer two and a half years ago, my first symptoms that i had was severe pain in my back i went to my GP who said i had a chest infection, i was given a course of antibiotics, but still had pain in my ribs and back, i asked for a chest x ray which they gave me, and it escalated from there, i was given radiotherapy urgently as apparantly the cancer had spread to the bone and was near my nervous system, this was followed by chemotherapy then more chemotherapy last year, i am now on a targeted lung therapy drug which is keeping the lung stable, i have had radiotherapy to two other areas in my back plus neck chest and pelvic area. i have been determined to stay positive and feel quite well at the moment. I wish you all the best x

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Hi Yaz I was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 yrs ago had op to remove upper (L) lobe been ok up to now .

I had no cough but felt so tired and listless for months and also had shoulder pain and neck ache lost a lot of weight and had very little appetite. Good luck with your investigations keep positive if you can anything I can help with glad to

Regards Phil


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