lung surgery cancelled

Well I got my self all worked up for nothing and feel worse than ever now, got a phone call this morning at 8.30 to tell me my lung surgery scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to an emergency, and that they would ring me soon to get me in, I know its just one of those things that cant be helped, but arrangements had been made for a family member to stay with my hubby as he isn't a well person my son had arranged to have time off work to take me at 7.15 am and all the rest of it of we all go through before going into hospital , sorry for moaning just had to do a little rant,

Margaret x

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  • Well Margaret that's a real bummer. it's really awful when that happens. I know because a similar thing happened to me when my surgeon called in sick the day before my surgery. I know it's not easy but try and relax, and if your son can't cancel his day off why don't you have a nice family day. Let us know when you're op is rescheduled.

    Rab x

  • Thanks Rabbie,

    I will try to relax ,( not very good at that) maybe a day out would be a good idea.

    take care

    Margaret x

  • Sorry to hear that Margaret. Like you say its getting things organised, and now you have to do it all again, probably at short notice. Keep us posted. :)

  • I don't think I will be as organized next time, think now just blow it and take it as it comes, after all the cleaning washing shopping ect but at least my bags packed lol.

    Margaret x

  • Thats a real pain , its getting yourself all fired up for it and then the coming down again ,its horrible.Hope you dont give up being positive .

    All the best for next time


  • Hi Phl,

    I keep thinking today the op would have been over, all these months I have been really positive but feeling really down today , must get my positive head back on and hope they send for me sooner rather than later.

    you take care

    Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret,

    Sorry to hear your news,hopefully it will not be long till they operate.You try and prepare mentally for these things,but it is all out of our hands.Best wishes.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Yes that's true, it is all really out of our hands, and I suppose we have to expect these set backs we eventually get used to the waiting don't we !

    Take care

    Margaret x.

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