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Not what we expected to hear!!

Hi mike is doing great no chest pain colour back in his cheeks voice nearly back overall feeling much better just tired from all the chemo/ radio even put on weight. Well been to see doctor this morning he started by saying you need to eat more said I know your throat is sore you need to put weight on!! Err excuse me doc look at notes put loads of weight on last week an half. Asked how he was said feeling good apart from sore mouth/gums very swollen on one side. Been telling them about mouth just kept been told to use mouth wash. Doctor looks in mouth says he thinks it's a tumour but it's nothing to do with the lung cancer??? Obviously very shocked so didn't ask much I know I'm no medical expert but we thought it was abscess how can a tumour grow so big in a few days??? He then started debating out loud to his self either MRI scan or ct scan don't even know which one he decided on get appointment within three weeks. Don't think he had his weetabix this morning was very strange. Xx Angie

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Hi Angie,

Your GP was obviously taken aback by what he saw, but didn't handle it very well. I hope that he has made the appropriate referral and Mike gets an appointment quickly to make an accurate diagnosis.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.


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