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Hip pain

Hubby finished radiotherapy for lung cancer early November he was doing great till middle of December when he had pain in fingers and toes he also has rumathoid arthritis and was taken of methotrexate for his treatment so was given 20 mg prednisalone fingers and toes cleared up but he now has excrutiating pain in hip joint which was not present before so docs not sure due to arthritis he had xray which didn't show anything so oncologist has asked for bone scan it just seems to be taking so long to get to the root of this he's been put on morphine for the pain but still painful when he tries to stand is it normal to wait this long for bone scan thanks sarah

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I don't really know how long it is since your husbands oncologist requested a bone scan. I do know that not every hospital has a bone scanner so it may take longer to get one. I would certainly phone your oncologists secretary and ask her how long it is likely to be. I hope you get some answers soon. Best wishes.Julie


Thanks jujuju will phone oncologist tomorrow as we go back to oncologist on the 19th January he had a ct scan done but only for chest so hoping to have bone scan soon thanks sarah


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