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Patients with EGFR Mutation

Hi, My name is Carmel. I have posted on here once before as my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer in February this year. I'm happy to say at this point in time she is doing very well and is doing a lot of natural therapies (organic alkaline diet, hyperbaric chamber, going to the gym etc) as well as still taking Tarceva. I have to say back in February she was in a totally different place.

The reason I'm posting now is for work. I work for a market research company and I have a client who are working on a tool to help lung cancer patients get the information, resources and support they need. They would like to talk to lung cancer sufferers who have the EGFR mutation or their care givers (family members /carer). They would like to do this on either 10th or 11th December either over Skype or face to face. They will pay £60 per hour and they would probably need 2 hours. If you are interested in taking part or want any further information, please email me at carmel@code3research.co.uk.

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I have an EGFR mutation. I will email you, thanks




My mother has EGFR mutation.... is this research still going on?? If so I am ready to participate


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