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Advice re days 10-14 post 1st chemo?

Just wondering whether it would be a good idea to go to a music concert (held in a not very big local theatre) during the 10-14 day period after my first chemo? I know I'm meant to be avoiding crowded places to help avoid infections at this time, but I thought if I avoided the bar area and just sat in my theatre seat (at the end of a row) and left straightaway at the end, then I'm not going to be in direct contact with many people.

What do people think/advise?


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Hi Sue,

When I had my chemo it didn't stop me from doing lots of day to day things. I know some people on this site who have worked during most of their chemo regime. I would certainly avoid flying or tube trains etc. I think if you take all the advice and necessary precautions then you should go for it.




Just carry on life as normal !

It all depends if you feel up to it in the first place, seeing as this would be your first chemo.


HI I agree with the comments already posted. I had to miss an outdoor festival ( did'nt risk porter loo's) HaHa. But I went to a few indoor concerts , took my hand wash for the toilets as an extra message. I carried on as normal . when feeling fine.

Enjoy the concert



Thanks everyone for replying, it's really helped me make up my mind . The whole being ill thing is all so new to me that I seem to be unable to use my common sense at the moment!



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