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blood blister under tongue

Hi has anyone heard go blood blisters under the tongue that bleed on the pillow at night, my husband got them they don't like very nice been told it old age. He also gone through a heart valve op in 2011 5 weeks later op for cancer of the right lung then in march this year got cancer in his left lung, he has been in a lot of pain since the first op and still is in both side since the last one on 2nd july 2014, he so low now has a job to walk and very unsteady on his feet also not eating very well, been lucky not to have any more treatment after ops as they cut it all away on both side breathing not so good anyone know how to help with the pain, and anything to do with the blisters Ann

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Hi Ann sorry to hear about your hubby. If I were you I would contact your lung cancer nurse for advice. Otherwise have a word with your G.P.

Dont just accept it as it is you and hubby need help. :)

Try calling Roy castle lung cancer foundation Telephone



Hi jillygirl a DMN comes in to see him, it seems as everywhere he goes they find something wrong with him, went for his eyes tested last week and they said something about wet behind the eye, waiting for an appointment to come from there, seems never ending he does see the GP he on so much medication its unbelievable thanks for your post Ann


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