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Good Morning Community !!!

I am traveling to Europe in 3 weeks, and I am scare of my breathing difficulties, I am not under treatment for COPD, I have not been officially diagnose, but I have a hard time breathing, I do have Ventolin,and my Dr..gave me a prescription for Dulera 100mcg. for when I am there... or should I star using it a week before? Please any advise will be greatly appreciated.. Thanking you in advance for your comments and tips. Marysela

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You should really be asking the doctor about how and when to use your dulera. It may be that you just have it in case your symptoms get worse. But you should be quite clear on that. As for Europe - not to worry. You shouldn't have any more problems there than at home. The flight can wear you out, though. Remember to keep drinking lots of water on the plane and walk around whenever you can.


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