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Please can I ask advice

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Hello I'm not sure if I should be asking here but I'm so scared as I know all of you have experienced, I'm 38 female, and for last 8 months struggled with chest pain and blood in phlegm, had X-rays, bloods and sputum tests done end of jan and all fine, tried to put at back of mind and hope symptoms disappear? They haven't there getting worse pain spread to upper back and neck , just mainly fresh bloods in phlegm, went back to doc who refered me for urgent ct on Tuesday, I don't know what I'm asking of you all just scared, sorry if I offend people by posting as I appreciate I don't know anything yet,

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Hi Kctay, I don't think anyone will take offence at your post. Most of us have gone through the period when we are awaiting results of tests to confirm diagnosis. It's a pity that your GP waited so long before organising a CT scan as this is usually the best test to see what is going on. There are many things that could be causing your symptoms so try and not stress too much until you get the results. It may take a few days for these too come through, I asked my GP too phone as soon as he had them and went straight in to see him. Please let us know how you get on.

Good Luck Rab

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Thank you for your responses, really lovely to find a site with people that care, just an update saw the consultant today and she didn't do the ct scan, as fasttrack to her and now fast tracked for scan, should hear within next few days re appointment, she was very good breathing test good, last bloods fine although more done today, showed me X-rays from jan and even to me it looked really clear so that's promising, but however the bleeding and pain isn't, but I feel better as I can see things will be sorted and I hope sooner rather than later as the not knowing is too much too bear, made my next appointment for 3 weeks however if scan and results are ready sooner she will contact me, thank you again for just making things a little easier

Kirsty x

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Hi Kirsty, that all sounds pretty positive. Just make sure that you keep pushing for the scan. Mummys gives good advice about asking for a CT scan with contrast as this should be the surest way forward. Rab

HI and sorry you are going through al of this just now.Rabbie is right in that a ct scan will give a clearer idea of what is happening.Also please make sure you ask your gp for the results asap as waiting if awful as we all know. Please let usknow how you get on and in the mean time don't hesitate to post and ask any questions of us.Best wishes.Julie x

This must be such an anxious time for you, waiting is so hard! Hopefully they will be able to give you results the same day. When my hubby had his ct we were told go to the clinic to see the consultant who then did a broncoscapy lately that day! Good luck for your ct, please let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you.

It is easier said than done when we all say try not to worry. Just to say I am thinking of you and really hope that you get your results through quickly. Please let me know how you get on. Good luck.

Hi Kctay, sending positive hugs for a positive result. You'll always be welcome on this site whether you have a question to ask, want reassurance or just want to share your inner thoughts as someone is always here to listen. Moni x

Kctay, I understand how scared you must feel - often the very worst part is the not knowing. As frightening as it can be, try and see the CT scan as something positive - at least you will know what's happening once and for all and you can start getting the right treatment, whatever that may be. Out of interest, has your GP requested a CT with contrast - I once had a clear standard CT but the CT with contrast that was performed a couple of weeks later (with a dye injection) showed something up so now I always have CT with contrast. Might be worth just asking the question? Lots of luck to you for a good outcome Kctay xx

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