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Just got back from Hospital - why do consultants get things wrong !

Well my mum and myself had the results of her bioscopy from her consultant today and the good news is that they have no trace of Cancerous cells on her tissue (lymp nodes) . They have said it more likely that is Sarcoidosis some sort of infection but she not showing the symptoms of this either. Although they will be doing T.B test's on her now They said we cannot rule out an thing more sinister yet but this is certainly good news in that they were like 99.9 % sure in our last 3 meetings she had all the signs of cancer from looking at her PET/CT scan etc...

I dont understand why they put the fear of God into us for nearly 8 weeks of scans and tests only now to be told better news. I'm happy that maybe the chances it is something more sinister have come down but by God have we been tested emotionally ....

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Hi there, I know that you and your family have all been put through an emotional wringer these past weeks but the medical team are human and don't always get things right.

Just be thankful that things have turned out better than suspected, it could have been the other way round.

Good luck.



Hi your comment is very interesting. I had my Pet/CT scan that showed no glowing and my surgeon was 95% sure it was cancer. I have to have a biopsy but even then he said he would not believe the result in my case as the nodule was extremely small and could easily be missed. I too have no symptoms and I am going through a somewhat worrying time. I have already had part of my lung removed from the other side so if I have to have an op I know what is to come. I am really glad for you and keep in touch.


Just reaffirms my belief that the only way to diagnose cancer is biopsy.. PET scan results can mean anything. Agreed however that consultant should have known better... But hey.. Be happy.. It's great news !!!



Hi i too went through something similar two years ago, from inoperable to removing the tumor after all the infection had gone. Yes it does test you emotionaly but i am a far better person for it who is grateful to be able to say im living my life and enjoying every moment even though i now have other health issues i never thought i would have.


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