The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Help navigating the new site

Here's some information that will help you quickly familiarise yourself with the new layout.

*HealthUnlocked Green Bar*


This Home page includes your picture, news feed (showing recent posts from all the communities you are part of), profile section with a bar in top right (showing percentage of profile completed).


This is a list of all the communities you are part of and the directory showing other communities you can join.

Your Username:

If you click your username you will be shown a dropdown: profile, messages, email preferences, and account. By clicking 'profile' you are taken to an area where you add information about yourself (conditions, symptoms, etc). 'Messages' takes you to your inbox. 'Email preferences' takes you to your account settings so that you can adjust your notification settings. 'Account' takes you to the same settings page.


This takes you to the support section of HealthUnlocked. You can find FAQs and more here.

*Navigating the Ovacome Community (or any other one you have joined)*

If you click 'Communities' in the HealthUnlocked green bar at the top and click on 'Ovacome' you'll be brought to this community. You can also type in your internet browser.

While in the community you'll see another (different shade of) green bar. It looks like this: a Home (house) Icon, Questions, Posts, Polls, Members & About Us.

Home Icon (not Home on green bar):

brings you back to the home page of the community

Questions - click on questions, then ask a question, add the details of your question and submit

Posts - click on Posts, then fill in your post, add the details of your post and submit

Polls - click on Polls to see recent poll, pie chart, your vote and responses underneath

Members - click on Members, shows a list of members then use the search bar to find a member

About us - this contains information about Ovacome (soon to be added and expanded)

If you need further assistance please email

Do you have any further questions? Add them to the comments and I will respond as soon as possible.




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