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Just back from Jamaica!

Just got back from a fab 2 weeks in Jamaica!

We didn't think we would be able to go again because og my diagnosis but as time go's on I feel that more is possible! We were worried that maybe this time it wouldn't be the same - we have been 4 times before, always to the same place and always had so much fun and always a great holiday. But guess exeeded our expectations. Once again we had such a fab time, we met so many new friends who I know we will keep in touch with and hopefully see again :)).

I also bought back with me the usual 'gift' of an extra 5lbs in weight! Slight improvement on the usual 7 from previous years lol (I blame it on the fact there were no pancakes for breakfast!).

We were viewing this trip as the last one to Jamaica as there is a whole world to visit but I can guarentee it won't be lol, the only thing that will hold us back will be finances.

It has taken me a couple of days to get over the jet lag and the fact I have come down with a 'cold' from the plane hasn't helped, I have no energy :(. I have such alot to do........I have the charity sky dive to organise, a charity luncheon to plan (got some good raffle prizes already!), a sponsored walk and not forgetting the famous Barrington garden parties!

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Hi Lyn. Welcome home. :) Glad you enjoyed Jamaica. Helps to charge up your batteries! We haven't been back there since honeymoon in 11/98. Right after a serious hurricane, so the weather wasn't too good. We were at Runnaway Bay, near Ocho Rios.

Time for you to get back to work now. :) Love Bill


Thanks Bill,

we were at Runnaway bay too! Club Ambiance. Weather has been great for us :)

,,,and yes, time to knuckle down now lol, Love Lyn


That's exactly where we were! Bx


Welcome back Lyn! The holiday sounds wonderful and I am so pleased to hear all the helps relieve our chilly, sunless days here. Roll on Springtime!

Best wishes

Joanna x


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