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I got cancer in my left lung 2yrs ago they got rid of it with radiotherapy 10 month ago it came back in my broncial tube they cant get rid they said its in the worst place possible I've had 10 treatments of immunotherapy i was 67 then the cancers stayed the same i said will i see 70 probably not consultant said but i feel good and don't feel ill at all just wondering when i will get poorly well good luck to everyone in the same predicament all the best Graham. XX.

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Stable is great...may you continue to feel good and remain stable for 20 more years!!!

Bulldog242, my name is Linnie and I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in 2018. I went through chemo, radiation, and Immunotherapy for my cancer treatment and am now a survivor with God's grace. I don't know how far you are in your cancer treatment, but I would get another opinion just to ease my mind. I still see my Oncologist every 6 months and have my CT screenings. I still have scar tissue from the radiation, but so far no sign of cancer and my Oncologist said that there is only a 5% chance that I would get cancer again. Keep your head up and stay positive.

Hello Bulldog,Good to here from you. What our future holds is in God’s hands. Enjoy each day the best you can and don’t quit fighting. Many strong warriors on this forum are beating all odds of this disease.

Hang in there!

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Checking in the see if you’ve had any new information, Bulldog242. Have you talked to anyone about a clinical trial! Proton radiation which doesn’t cause damage to surrounding tissue?

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Hi no because the immunotherapy treatment which i have every six weeks seems to be working fine at the moment thanks. X.

I’ve got left upper lobe cancer too Graham, it’s Stage 4 NSCLC incurable but treatable, you don’t say which one yours is. It’s very very difficult to say if or not you’ll get poorly, everyone is different. I’m on chemotherapy and up to now doing well.Wishing you all the best

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Hi its small cell cancer to tell you the truth i dont take much notice whichever as long as they can treat me i feel blessed.x.

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I'm so glad your feeling well and blessed Graham, and immunotherapy is working. I'm sure you've got a long life ahead of you like so many others on this forum. Immunotherapy is amazing, it just didn't work for me. I'm banking on chemo.Best wishes


I’m glad you are feeling well and hope it last a long long time.

Thanks thats really nice. It feels to me like we're all in a secret war against the dreaded big ( C ) here's hoping we can win this war.x.

I agree!

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