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If lung cancer is contained to both lungs is it still considered Stage 4? My mom's doctor just ran a PET Scan and confirmed other suspicious areas outside her lungs are negative or benign - does that change her diagnosis? They didn't mention...

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A tumor that has spread to the other lung is considered a stage 4.

Other factors that affect a stage 4 diagnosis are:

Size of primary. If it’s 7cm or larger it’s considered stage 4.

If there’s 2 or more separate nodules in different lobes of the same lung.

It’s not considered metastatic disease unless there is a nodule outside the lung.

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ajk44 in reply to Denzie

Thank you!

This explanation in plain English by Cancer research Uk may help.... as there are several factors at play - hope it helps...

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Steph60 in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you so much for the link. It was most informative.

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