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Why all going wrong.

In a bad place at moment, Hi had a bad couple of weeks. Been in Christie’s with brain cancer problems, inflammation of brain and steroid issue. Seems like it’s Al, going wrong. Oh well, I’ll have to cope. Thinking of all you guys on Christmas Eve with this to cope with. Happy Christmas everyone. Loves and hugs to to all. Xxxx

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I am sorry things have been going so bad lately. I hope that the New Year bring with only good news!

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etpd2226 in reply to Steph60

Happy Holidays to you. Have hope. This, too, shall pass. sending prayers. ❤️

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Travelhappy in reply to Steph60

I know it’s hard but try to stay positive. Sending good vibes to you along with best New Years wishes for 2022.

Hi Pam so so sorry to hear this news, it seems to be one thing after the other for you. I have been hoping you were having your Gamma and your immunotherapy had continued.So sorry you are having problems, you have a strong fighting spirit and I’m sure it will push you through this setback.

Thinking about you xxx

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Thank you so much for your kindness, sending hugs xxxx

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So sorry you’ve had a rotten holiday. I’m grateful that you were cared for by one of the best oncology facilities in the world. Sending hope that 2022 finds this issue resolved and that you can enjoy your next normal.

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Thanks you Denzie, I hope you had a very warm Christmas. Thanks for your support. Sending hugs xxxx

So sorry this is happening to you and bringing you down. Hoping your new year will be one of healing and peace.

Sorry to read of your disappointing Xmas - hoping new year improves things - hang on in there... sometimes we hit the dips of the roller coaster - hopefully things will be on the up before long... thinking of you.

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