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Chemo and immunotherapy


I had a final cycle of Altima, Carbopltin and Keytunda just three days ago and as much as I want to stay awake I cannot ,every time I sit down I end up snoring .I always have a small plan for my day I don't expect to achieve much but this is ridiculous anyone else experiencing this ? The worrying bit is that my oncologist wants me to continue on immunotherapy and Altima after this current round of four cycles is completed .She is telling that is not such a severe combination anyone doing this and able to tell me if she is right in her predictions .I don't suppose she personally test runs these combinations herself why would she .If I continue like this there is no point continuing as I will never be awake.Ha Any input welcome its 11am and I am still in bed why? Diane

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Remember that awful term ‘the new normal’? Your body is coming to terms with this. I found that getting exercise helped increase my energy level. Contact your local YMCA and ask if they have a Livestrong program.

It will be a bit while the carboplatin works it’s way out of your system. In the meanwhile your whole body was under assault by the treatment. It takes time to heal. What was once lung tissue that helped oxygenate your blood is now scar tissue. The rest of your lungs will help you compensate but it takes time.

The treatment plan your doctor laid out is considered standard of care. It was established after a study that ran for a couple of years showed a significant increase in progression free survival. (I was treated long before this so I have no personal experience but I followed the study).

I am three years out from treatment and had the two chemo drugs you had plus two targeted drugs. Yes, I was very fatigued and still am but not nearly as much. I went with problems from no sleep to too much sleep. It is frustrating to want to do things and not be able to. Your body is doing what it needs to do to get over all the harsh chemicals it has been receiving or still receiving. Just give it time. It will get better. Plan your days as to what is most important and if you accomplish one out of four, consider it a successful day.Pat yourself on the back that you are surviving. Life won’t return to what it was before cancer but can be just as fulfilling and joyful because of what you have conquered. The greatest gift I received from cancer is learning to choose my priorities and not worry about the rest. Wishing you continued survivorship.


She’s right, try Taxol because I’ve done your cocktail for 6 months got sleepy, never nausea but Taxol my friend OMG🤮🤢🤮🤢

I had the same treatments. Had a great scan and now keytruda every 3 weeks. I’m tired all the time. Legs shaky and no energy. I think it will take some time before the chemo is out of our system so hang in there. Start walking some if you can. Im ready to feel normal for a while. Got to keep moving when you can.


Thanks for your input ,today I walked for a couple of hours very slowly with rollator but came home and slept for another two hours.The oncologist wants me to continue on Altima as well as keytruda .She has suggested a short break from chemo in between .I am not looking forward to recommencing chemo .It is tough road to walk I think bit tumours are receding.So not all bad

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