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Welcoming Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation!

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We are thrilled to announce that there is a new lung cancer organization joining this community as of next week; Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.

They will be coming onboard to offer support, resources and to help ensure the community stays the safe and supportive place it is today. We are so thrilled to have them on board and excited to see the many benefits they will bring to you all.

The community purpose will stay the same, and you will be able to continue to share your stories and get support from others who understand as you always have done. You may notice some small logo changes and the introduction of a few new admins so do keep your eye out and welcome the new team.

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This is great news! Love 💓 BJALCF!

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Wonderful news indeed! I’m with PegD. BJALCF ROCKS! Their monthly Living Rooms are highly educational and a wonderful resource.


This is fantastic news! I'm also a big fan of BJALCF, which is passionately committed to patients. We are in good hands!

This is fabulous news and I'm so happy to hear it. Bonnie is such an inspiration and her Foundation does to much to help promote Lung Cancer Awareness, Treatments and Care options.

I also love the "Monthly" Living Rooms and find them very educational. They will be a wonderful asset here.



Thanks for the Living Room shout out. We have recently extended the program by offering more regional Living Rooms and streaming each one on Facebook live. We hope you can either join us in person or in the chat room soon.

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Spainy in reply to dleducALC

Thank you. Please tell us more about the living rooms and how to participate.

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dleducALC in reply to Spainy

Hi Spainy, the Living Room takes place the third Tuesday of each month and is broadcast live on both YouTube (youtube.com/user/BonnieJAdd... or on our Facebook page. (facebook.com/BJALCF/) It is from 5:30pm - 7:30pm Pacific. We will be posting all of our events in the EVENTS tab shortly so it will be easier for everyone to participate.

Thank you Maddie. We are very proud and excited to step in as the advocacy partner and appreciate the amazing job Free to Breathe did in helping establish this community. We look forward to hearing from you, learning from you and sharing our knowledge and expertise. Again, a big thank you to Maddie and the HealthUnlocked team from extending the offer!!

The more resources the better! Welcome aboard. Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation.

Love Bonnie and her team. They are an asset to any organization. Wonderful news!

Great news! I met Bonnie and her crew last summer at a walk in Philly. They do great work and her being a survivor too makes a difference!


Thumbs up 👍 your doing a fantastic job of making new communitys. I just enjoy reading all of the new ones and help. Love Susie

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