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Cancer did not spread :-)

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Hi everyone, just another update. Doctor came in today to let us know that the cancer did not spread to the other surrounding organs and tissues- they actually removed two parts of lung. The marbled sized portion they removed was stage 2. He will possibly be in the hospital until Friday. His fluid output needs to decrease from chest machine needs to decrease. We are pushing for him to be more active because it’s supposed to be better.

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So very happy for him and your family. Those breathing exercises someone mentioned yesterday will help reduce the fluid as well. And speed his recovery.

Will he be doing any adjuvant (mop up) chemo?

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Hopeful4dad in reply to Denzie

Thanks Denzie! He hasn’t decided yet. Is the mop up chemo a great idea?

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DenzieModerator in reply to Hopeful4dad

Since he has not decided, In a few days they’ll have a final pathology report. A decision should be based on the tumor grade and whether or not they think something may have gotten past the lymph nodes. I wish I could be more helpful but this is not something I ever had to deal with. Maybe someone else will check in soon.

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That is great news, Yes, keep him up and moving a little more every day , and continually using his breathing exercisers! All Best Wishes, judg69

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Thanks Judg69! Will do!

I'm glad your dad is doing okay. I know it is not easy, but on the day after surgery, get him up and walking as often as he can, and he should use the spiromiter (I think that's what its called) they gave him at least once an hour while laying/sitting. If they gave him an Aerobika, he should use that as well. My first LC surgery (July 2013) the hospital gave me a spiromiter, to help clear the lungs and prevent pneumonia. As for "mop up" chemo, I was stage 2 squamous cell lung cancer. The surgeon told he he got it all and I was in the 60 percentile (60% chance the cancer would not return within 5 years). I did try chemo just to try to kill any cancer cells that may have been floating around waiting to strike, but I was only able to complete about half the treatments due to other medical issues.

Doing chemo is something your dad will have to discuss with his doctors and his family (you), and then decide yes or no.

My latest LC surgery was a "new original" but it was also squamous cell. This time I was stage 1A, no radiation, no chemo.

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Again to Dad & Hopeful - Yes , have thorough discussion with the oncologist as every case is a little different. In my case , I elected to go with extensive post surgery chemo as I wanted to increase the odds that the cancer was, in fact, totally gone. The post surgery chemo was Alimta and Avastin, and it was definitely an easier drug 'cocktail' for my body to deal with than the pre-surgery cocktail had been. . All the Best, and Dad, keep moving , judg69

"Faith expects from God what is beyond all expectations"

May God Bless both You and your Dad Always...Amen

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Amen!! Thanks so much!

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I'm glad things are going better for your dad. Tell him to not give up. I hope things are better for you take care of yourself. I'll be here if you want to talk. Love susie jo1948

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Congratulations on the great news! Hopefully your Dad will heal quickly and the chest tubes will come out. Remember to take care of you, too. Being a care giver, we often forget that we need to take time our for ourselves in order to be better care givers. Godspeed for all of you!

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Good to hear the cancer has not spread. Keep us posted on how his recovery from surgery is going.


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