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Upper left lung lobectmy


On January 4, 2018, I had my left upper lung removed. I am going through Chem, so far so good. I feel tired all the time do t know if it is the chemo or my diminished lung capacity. I feel good, but not like before. I am 54 simply working around the yard gets me winded. So I work in law enforcement, it will be a lo g while but I am not sure that I can return, I may be forced to retire. I turn 55 in November. Retirering wasn't my plan before cancer, but may be the reality now. My cancer was a result of being a first responder to the World Trade Center attack on 911. so if I retire I'l be ok. Just wondering if my shortness of breath and fatigue will ever end. Not sure if I can get SSI disability

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I had my lower left lobe removed in March, 2017. I was 69 then and in good health up to that point. It was surprising that it took a good six months before I could go a whole day without getting fatigued. I still have occasional SOB issues, but am generally doing well. I have been very fortunate not having to go through chemo. Last CT scan was negative.

My first rate medical care has been and is with the James A Haley VA hospital in Tampa. I've never had better care anywhere else.

I am a Vietnam veteran and also a former police officer in Cincinnati. I would think that you should have full VA benefits for being a 911 first responder. You are a veteran of a foreign attack.

Hang in there. Exercise regularly. Keep in touch with those others who responded with you at the WTC. Embrace your loved ones.


Wils70 in reply to rdflynnjr

Thank you for your amazing service to our country and our people. You should be taken care of for your services, and I am happy that you have received great treatment in Tampa.

I’m getting my treatment in Naples, south of you. And, I moved to FL from Louisville, and Cincinnati is a familiar place where friends live.

Good advice! Thank you!

Bluetug113 in reply to Wils70

Thank You

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