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i fell in garage,their is a step inside when you open door was,nt paying attentionwalked right off that step. there is a step below that i just walked right off that top step and fell. i didn,t break any thing but i sure am sore. i hope that never happens again. plus the kidney dr. called and wanted my family to take me to er check my kidneys because of the fall i have kidney desease stage 3. if its not one thing its another. kidneys were ok. susiejo1948

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Happy to hear you were not seriously hurt. Take care.

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SusieJo1948 in reply to JeanE41

Thanks jean i thought i was hurt worse than i was. susiejo

Glad you are okay, sore but otherwise okay.

Thanks Katherine I,m happy i wasn,t hurt worse,just really sore. susiejo

So glad you’re okay. I’m sure you’re more than a little sore today.

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gibdonnaleeCommunity Superhero

Sorry to hear that Susie! He your not to sore for long!

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