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Rain, Heat and Other Breath-Stealers


Any suggestions on how to get through these? At times it feels as though I truly cannot breathe and it is frightening. Summer used to be my favorite time of year, but now I find that I can tell rain is coming 1-2 days ahead of time. Just walking across the room from the computer to my bed steals my breath and at times I am ready to call an ambulance. Inhaler, emergency inhaler, and nebulizer don't seem to be helping much on these days. I am betting this is part of having lung ca, but any suggestions on how to make getting through it easier would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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anrean, we were just talking about pulmonary rehab in MissyD's post. Have you asked about that? It can be a real blessing!

anrean in reply to FtB_Peggy

Thank you for the suggestion, Peggy. I have not seen MissyD's post but will find it. I use an emergency inhaler as well as a daily inhaler and nebulizer - was hoping someone had a trick up their sleeve while waiting for the emergency inhaler to kick in. Also take daily anti-anxiety med which works Days like today are too rough; Some days I can't do anything, and that is spooky. It is hot and humid

Breathlessness is hard to handle. I used to almost pass out and would get so afraid of walking that I'd plan out any trips around the house to avoid moving too much. Ask dr. for one of those breathing scales that shows how your lungs intake air. A good step toward improving air intake. Excersising you lungs will help but go slow,at first and improve over time. My breathing has improved since I began to work on my air intake. Also, in case of an attack c don't panic...breath in through nose and out mouth. Slowly and avoid the rapid breathing through you mouth only.

Do you have air conditioning? It helps to clean the air you breathe. I can't stay outside for long either but after I've been inside, it seems to help.

It is scary not being able to breath. Sometimes I just close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. You might need something for anxiety. Talk with your doctor about it. Sending prayers your way.

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