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My biopsy and my morning of hell. LMAO

OK this is how my day has gone so far. Larry, took me to the hospital to have my bone marrow done. We go to check in and the first thing she does is spray a bottle of Lysol spray in her office. I start coughing real bad. Then this other woman desides she is going to spray a bottle of Lysol in the waiting room. I couldn't stop them fast enough. I had to get out of there I couldn't breath and was chocking. Larry and I got on the Elevator and my legs started shaking. We got off the elevator I was very unsteady, I don't know how many steps we took, but the next thing I knew is I was on the floor. They wanted me to go to emergency but I didn't want to have to re scheduled my biopsy. So wheel chair bond was I. 6:30 they took me back. This nurse put in an IV and I have never had someone push it in so far, It was the first time Larry has ever heard me scream. During the biopsy the doctor tried to numb me and then started cutting into me. I told her I wasn't numb yet. So She numbed me again. When the doctor was pulling out the bone marrow it took four people to hold me down . It was very painful to me. The medication didn't take effect until the biopsy was done.. Thank God this day is over for me. I am not looking forward to the lung biopsy next Monday after today.

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