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Any immunotherapy patient in SF Bay Area?


Greetings from California. My wife, Esther, and I are leading a panel discussion on January 25th in Silicon Valley, CA at the prestigious Precision Medicine World Conference, attended by 1,000 scientists and healthcare leaders - but very few patients. Our panel will bring in the patient voice and specifically showcase lung cancer patients who have done well on immunotherapy. We are still looking for one patient to join us. Is that you or do you know someone These scientists have often never met a patient yet they have developed life extending medicines. We need to bring people together and I need your help. Please email me directly at Thanks!

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For many of you this is your first encounter with Andrew Schorr. He is an amazing advocate and has been a wonderful source of education for me.

Agree with Denzie! I hope you find someone, Andrew.

So grateful that you will be that voice. I have done well on my Maintanance therapy Alimta, and I pray for those who developed it and those working on research now as well, wondering how I could find researcher names to write a letter of thanks. I hope you find excellent patients to stand by you.

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