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Worried that cancer has come back

Hi I'm new here I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in 2012 did chemo and radiation have been in remission now for almost 3 year's. I'm still under close supervision I go every 6 months now for check ups. Last checkup said something about nodule on lymph nodes and a spot in lobe going to keep close eye on. I'm constantly in and out of hospital with pneumonia bronchitis or cold attacks. Was recently in hospital they did a CT scan and said the size of nodule seen and spot in lung. I went to have my checkup last week some of my lab work is not within the normal range. I go to oncologist Wednesday I'm not sure of what questions to ask about all of this. I'm really scared and worried. Do I need to ask them to do another pet scan haven't had one since first diagnosed 4 year's ago. Really worried it's came back and getting over looked somehow.

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Welcome to our community, and best of luck today!

If you can, take someone with you to be a second pair of ears, and also another source of questions. Listen to what they have to say, ask them to explain anything you don't understand, make sure it makes sense to you. Ask what the next steps will be, and why they are the steps chosen for you. If they don't mention clinical trials, ask about them. If you aren't comfortable with what they tell you, get a second opinion.

Let me know if you need any more information - I want to help. Let us know how things go, we'll be waiting to hear.


Well was told today that after looking at my CT scan that my cancer is stable that's the first time they have said that have been telling me it was gone and that the reasons I have been feeling the way I've been could be numerous other things going on and could be another type of cancer sending me to other doctor's for more types of testing I have lost a total of 16 pounds since my last checkup back in July and 6 of those pounds have been lost without less of a month time he told me instead of coming back in 6 months he wanted me back in two months I feel more confused now than I did before I'm really concerned


PET scans are prohibitively expensive and rarely used to look for mets unless it has been determined there is progression. Allergens, recent illness, exposure to all types of fumes can cause nodules to appear and give a false positive.

By now you've probably seen your doctor. So please let us know what was said. We all know and understand your fear. I hope sharing your concerns lightened them a bit.


My suggestion is that you start to ask for paper copies of your lab test and scan reports. Then you can see for yourself if the lymph node and spot seem to be stable or if they are growing. You could also highlight any finding on the blood work that is out of range and ask your doctor to explain what that means. Write down your questions before going in, and ask the doctor to give you time to write down the replies. I've learned that doctor visits are emotional times and it is hard to remember what you want to ask or what the answers are, especially if the doctor seems busy or rushes the visit in any way. Best hopes for a good discussion today.



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