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Loose teeth,and endless chemo


Morning All,

I have undergone 39 courses of chemo and immuno,therapy. Nobody told me how terrible I would feel for months on end.

That the nutrients being wiped out would cause the gums to recede, and all my top teeth become painfully loose. It's gone so far,that I am now down to soft foods and soup. No dental insurance means I have to deal with this painful situation,as maintenance chemo keeps beating the hell out of my system.

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After a couple of scares with dry mouth and receding gums, I've learned that dental problems are quite common as a result of cancer treatment. I'm sorry that you are dealing with such serious damage and discomfort.

Are there any nonprofits that help people with access to healthcare in your area? They might be able to help you find some help.



Anita made a great suggestion. One resource you might check is cancercare.org. I can't imagine what its like to try to maintain a healthy weight and not be able to enjoy your food. I wish you well and hope for a solution to present itself.


So sorry - that just sounds miserable. But I am glad you came here.

Please try a couple of things: call 211 (just like dialing 911), it is the United Way's number and they have trained personnel to help you find the resources you need.

Also, you might want to give Patient Advocate Foundation a try - 800.532.5274 or patientadvocate.org. The HealthWell Foundation can help with insurance premiums if that is a struggle - healthwellfoundation.org 800.675.8416.

If you have a social worker or nurse navigator on your medical team - make sure you tap them for help too! They know what is available in your area.

Please give these resources a try and keep us updated!

Thinking of you!

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