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Being on oxygen

Is there anyone out there on constant oxygen that is working? My job let me go as quickly as they legally could after I got  diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC.  I have been off work since July 2015. I am only 46 and am going crazy being off work and sitting at home. I really need to do something constructive with my time. However I am  hesitant to try anything because I am on constant oxygen. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for dealing with this issue.

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Maybe you could find a desk job, a behind the scene kind. Most people think oxygen recipitants are contagious that's why the back office or unseen by customers is best. Just saying.


Screw that life is already to short why should we have to be placed in the back where we can't be seen I understand what you're saying because I work in a grocery store is so sad just tell people what the deal is that would shut them up in work in the Deli department and I've been at my store for 17 years maybe 18 years and I'm sure most of our customers would be ok because they all know there may be a couple of older people it may think it's something else I just don't think you should have to hide out.


Way to go girl!


Isn't that discrimination? 


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