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This week my nurse was on holiday so the district nurse stepped in and di the legs

bless her it was kind but it is not as good. The toe area has not been covered as nmuch and silly me managed to wear a sock and pull it of and the skin on my foot well a row of blisters that had appeared yes it is now pouring fourth- so went to docs for penicillin . It will be fine and my nurse will have a go on Tuesday.:)

Any one else on penicillin all the time I believe it is advisable so another medcine to add to my armoury :)

Sun is shinning enjoy everyone xgins

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Hi Gins,

I have my Nurses at hospital who are amazing, but i live quite a bit away from the Hospital so after each operation the District nurse has been coming in. I had to teach them how to apply the dressings and attach the wraps on the first Visit, they have it down to a T now. I have two D/Nurses and both of them are on the ball. They have enjoyed the experience of dealing with the condition, as it helps them if more patients come onto the list in the future.

Up to now, my skin has been fairly good, yes i get the flabitis and celulitis, but i do have Dermatitis so i have a daily routine of creaming anyway, so i think this has helped my recovery when ever i have a flair up. Being on steroids is always a worry if i have a knock or bump to the legs, some people would call it an over reaction when they see me check the skin immediately, but they don't live with our condition so they are not aware of how difficult it is to heal the skin if it takes a knock and is brocken.

Sorry to hear about your blisters, my friend suffers bad from that when she is in her stockings, she used cotton wool balls inside to try and keep the material of the skin.

I wrapped a sock around my foot when one of my stockings were slightly shorter on the foot area, it compressed the out side part of my foot, the sock just took the pressure away and stopped the stocking rubbing. The things we all do to manage our care.

Its nice to hear what others do when things like this happen. Hope they have all healed up nicely now for you. I have to say if anything like that happens i always take a picture to let the nurs or Consultant see, this way it allows us all to learn the what not to do's and what helped it recover.

Take care

Ninewells. x


Morning Ninewells,

Thanks for your reply and I now understand I need to take more hold of the bandages myself as it were and help the DN to help me. She was lovely but did not get them far enough down over my foot swelling nor tight enough as the week has gone on I can actually pull them up :) I should take pictures you are right that is a good idea (myson will tell me off for not using my phone properly) Then I would have a record as well - Thank you for your tips most useful xgins


Hi Folks, scottymeg signing in. Went to hospital to see consultant abt my breathing, been a prob all last year. He said go for x ray, came back to him and the 10 min appt turned out to be a 10 day stay in hospital. Been on massive doses of diuretics as well a steroids and anti b's.Oxygen, nebs the lot. What stresses me out I have appt for Mon 15th for multi layered bandaging which the lymph nurses wld not do last year. My lung consultant says it is up to nurses whether they bandage or not, nurses want a letter from him, he says they are the experts. Meantime legs have been so bad have not left the house since Xmas. Apart from 3 weeks ago went to get cash from the ATM and could not get back in the car. Could not lift my leg to clear the sill. my foot kept hitting the step and dropping into the gutter. Tried dragging it in with trouser leg and finished sitting on the side with both feet in the gutter wondering how I was going to get home. That is how bad my legs are. Being discharge today from hosp asked if the consultant had done the letter fro me and was told he has gone on 2 weeks holiday. What d you think to that? What do I do if I turn up at clinic on Mon am and they wont treat me????? I am upset, unhappy, desperate.



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