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Does repetative action of typing/handwriting/computer work aggravate your Lymphodema? If so, have you found a solution?

Hi all,

I am in the process of applying for ill health retirement as I find that the above activities at work seem to flare up my LD, despite wearing compression garments etc.

As a last roll of the dice, I am interested to see if anyone else has had these issues or found a solution.

Also, if LD is aggravated in this manner over a period of time, what is likely to happen?


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I have come to that conclusion. I have to break up my time at the computer into 20 minute sessions. My hand does swell but I also make time to do my exercises and it helps. I have to work financially and can't really think of retiring at the moment



I have found that computer work is the thing that aggravates my arm lymphoedema most. For that reason I only work part time now. I work for a research establishment which carries out research into occupational medicine. Despite willing, colleagues are at a loss as to how best advise and support me. As a result, we are considering trying to get funding to look at the issue.


Hi boobilicious and jane,

thank you very much for your replies.

I do work part-time (221/2 hrs) and I have tried breaking up my time but still find that at the end of a 6 hr shift (or shorter) my truncal and arm LD feels heavy and achy, which progresses as the week goes on. Unfortunately its my dominent arm and I also find that when wearing a sleeve it causes an area of swelling to my forearm, ? caused as arm bent when typing, although I regularly rest it on a pillow as able to straighten it out.

I too, cannot afford to retire (or want to) but am feeling desperate and not sure what to do for the best, hence my question.

The LD nurse says i may need to try and find another job, but what? I had to leave clinical nursing because the sleeve was an infection control issue, and now I am at a loss as to what to do. IHR was mentioned by OH and this will provide some income but not what I normally earn (I am 48). To make matters worse, I now have to potential opportunity to apply for promotion!

This has become a particular issue over the past 12-18 mths, despite changing working hrs etc. and last month advised mild LD in hand too.

But, if I continue to work and thus cause continued aggravation to my LD, what will happen to that? Will I damage my lymphatic system further than already, and then potentially risk a more severe level of LD?

I am very fortunate in that my LD is very mild, (and I am really keen to keep it that way) but it has developed from truncal to now my arm and most recently, hand.

Rolling that dice again.....!




I find any repetitive movement that is 20 min or longer affects my arm. Therefore cooking ( stirring ,chopping for large amount of people' we are used to entertaining 10plus at the weekends) typing and folding laundry are a problem.

Work wise my job as a teaching assistant does not involve to much typing or respective work for it to become a problem. If you work in an office try and arrange to do other jobs like reception work so you are not continually typing offer to do what ever odd jobs need doing.

Personally I don't know how anyone can work full time with the is condition especially post cancer chemo radio therapy etc. to 8 years but I'm not back to what I was yet.

Got to stop typing now my arm is beginning to ache. ;)


hiya lovely

the problems are:

your arm is spending too much of the day pointing downwards! even if you do stop for breaks

however you do it, typing's going to mean pressure somewhere in your forearm / wrist / hand where you rest it (or the extra carrying weight if you don't rest your arms but hover over the keyboard)

sitting in itself isn't great - the rest of your lymph system isn't being encouraged to move so less likely to drain well when you do your sld

the elbow thing - altho you can apparently get sleeves with little silk patches at the inner elbow, but not always on script (can't remember which brand, sorry, your ld nurse should know) - if you can't get them on the nhs work could buy you some as a reasonable adjustment

& i'll pm you


Hi all,

Thought that I would just update you all. Yesterday I recieved a letter from NHS pensions, saying that my application for ill health retirement has been successful.



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