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Split skin on undersoles of feet due to cellulitis

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The soles of my feet are extremely painful to walk on as the skin has split. I am keeping them moisturised and scrupulously clean, but does anyone have any advice on how to speed things up?

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My feet are very painful at times mainly due to the swelling caused by primary lymphoedema plus the fact that toe nails are affected by the amount of swelling. I visit my chiropodist every month. She removes all hard skin (this has a tendency to cause cracking too) and cuts toe nails in a precise way to allow for the swelling which inevitably causes my toes to be sore.

Like you I moisturise every day, but chiropody is an essential part of my care routine. I am sorry I cannot be more helpful. Best of luck and take care.

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Have you tried Flexitol ointment? Developed by Australian cancer centres for just this problem. You can get it on free prescription if you have cancer - don't know if you have to pay for other conditions.

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I don't have cancer, I was born with Primary Lymphoedema. I have tried Flexitol, but did not suit me at all, as as soon as I put on my stockings, it comes off, or leaves residue on whatever my feet touch! But thank you so much for the advice. Take care.

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I use a product called Nursem skin fix. Excellent for all sore and dry areas. Look it up on the internet. Fabulous products and they give free products to nurses every time someone makes a purchase. It works on everyone I have recommended it to.

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Hi walk

I have unilateral lymphoedema extending from buttock through leg to foot. My lymphie foot is by far the most challenging aspect of my mananging my various lymphoedema problems.

Encouraging lymph flow should help with recovery. I suggest elevating your legs to help drain excess lymph fluid. Keeping well hydrated, limiting caffeine and alcohol, helps with lymph flow. Movement helps everything; if possible some ankle rotations and calf stretches which can be done even when elevating.

In the long run prevention is better than cure; if self care for feet is difficult then, as Anne16 suggests, with regular visits to a chiropodist.

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Well I suffer with swollen feet and ankles and I get cracked skin on the base of my left foot. I keep it well filed and as smooth as I can get it. Then everyday I moisturise with hydromol. I have stopped wearing compression as Hydromol is thick stuff and you can't wear compression with the number of times I have to use cream everyday to prevent dryness, soreness and the return of eczema.

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