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clothes for arm lymphoedema.

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Hi everyone. I am looking for a spring/summer jacket, I have lymphoedema in my left arm. I am finding it more difficult over the years to find clothes that fit my upper body. I was fortunate to get a winter puffer coat last year in size 22 ( I am normally 18 to 20). I managed because it has a drawstring around the waist which you can let in or out. Has anyone please got any ideas? Thanks

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A trick I used for trousers. I have lymphoedema in my leg. I looked for trousers that had double seams. I carefully undid one row of stitching. That way the garment reverts to the original styling when it is able. It was also fun to compare the widths as the treatment improved my leg. :-)

What a brilliant idea, thank you! My right leg is really swollen and have had problems getting into most of my trousers.

This sort of question has cropped up here several times over the years. A couple of my clients solved this very problem by finding a local seamstress (and one tailor, for a male client). The seamstress was able to adapt existing garments, or used patterns to produce bespoke garments.

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