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Labial lymph

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Any suggestions?

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Do you have genital lymphoedema as a result of surgery? Are you in the UK?

I don't have personal experience of this but I know that Juzo make a genital compression pad .

I found using a compression pump helped lots, but I have had no surgery, bar spinal surgery that could have caused the lower limb, groin & abdo lymphoedema that I experience. I'm not sure if the groin lymphoedema was related to surgery if the pumps are safe & usable... Others will know. They are also expensive... Best of luck...

I have lymphedema in my left leg secondary to ovarian cancer surgery. At times I experience swelling in my abdomen and groin, labia especially. I tried the Flexitouch pump just one time because it seemed to overwhelm the groin area with fluid being moved up from my leg. It was very concerning and I haven’t used it since. Everyone’s experience is different and some may have better results than others. What worked for me is extra MLD massage n the area of the groin and abdomen where lymph nodes are present, laying on my back and doing leg raises and bicycle movements and wearing a genital compression pad (like Juzo) or dense foam pad cut to fit held in place by a snug fitting shaper, bike shorts or Spanx. I know how uncomfortable this issue can be and do hope you are able to find some relief. Best of health to you!

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