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Liposuction and lymphoedema


Professor Furniss and Anita Wallace MBE discuss the role of liposuction in lymphoedema management.

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Question is how much does it cost? Is there anybody in the UK what does it on the full lymphedema leg and stomach apron

Perido in reply to sharon1234

You could call or e mail the Oxford Lymphoedema Practice for further information - contact details are on their website:

Shezzl in reply to sharon1234

I had this done 2 years ago at The Christie Manchester privately on my arm, it was around £5500, unfortunately I could not get the correct garments through my local clinic due to staff shortages then I had a serious accident and broke my shoulder amongst other things so did not wear a sleeve for a while and it has come back to about 1/2 the amount it was pre surgery. They do not supply compression garments, only do the surgery which I think was it's downfall.

sharon1234 in reply to Shezzl

I am mostly think it will be over £10,000 for my leg if it's nearly £6,000 for your arm can you feel the benefits though sorry for the late reply my but thank you for replying to me xx

Shezzl in reply to sharon1234

Yes you would but make sure you have the garments side sorted out beforehand, that is were mine went a bit wrong. Good luck

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