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How serious is this? Related to kidney failure or diabetes?


There is fluid seeping through a patient's legs, much like sweat. Must he be admitted to hospital? Today is the 2nd day this is happening

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If the patient has lymphoedema then seek medical help - to rule out infection.

Have they been told they have Lymphoedema? They only need to go to hospital if their leg is red and hot as this could be a bad infection called Cellulitis. They can give antibiotics and IV if needed. If it is a smallish open wound you can treat it by cleaning with water and covering with a dressing. If in the UK ask your Dr. for telephone call/video call if you can't get an appointment or don't want to go there. Dr can then prescribe Inadine Dressiings and Metapore Dressings. You can do this yourself if physically able. I'm not a medical professional or expert. I'm telling you this as my leg is also leaking clear fluid at the moment. I however have both Lymphoedema and Lipoedema which is called Lipolymphoedema. I hope this helps. Message me if you would like. Love Alison x

It certainly can be life threatening & not to be ignored. I have lympho lipodema in both legs & tend to knock them. I have been administered antibiotics in emergency twice by drip & followed up with pills. Ive had my leg stapled twice and stitches and other times told im to keep flat with legs elevated. When it happens seek medical assistance immediately. This can result in septicaemia and that can be fatal. My dad died from that, I cannot stress enough how serious this is.

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