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Immobility in the crisis


I have tried to keep moving as much as possible during this crisis. However when I did venture out to walk for half an hour in the open air I realised that my mobility had deteriorated. My pain is increasing, (although the medics seem to say that there is no pain with lymphedema.) Have others experienced similar and will I get back to normal. I am 80 but an active 80 previously!

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I have terrible pain with lymphodema in both legs . Can’t move my legs when I wake up .

Like you I’m 80 . Every day my mobility seems worse even in house . I also have nerve endings pain and type 2 diebetes .And arthritis. You just have to keep going and hope theres a turning point . I’d love a pain free day .

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I also have this problem it awful I am only 50 I get a lot of pain

I’m a lot younger than you and probably a lot more mobile. But I also noticed that when I didn’t go out walking for a few days due to minor illness my lymphoedema leg swelled up quite a bit. So I’ve made getting out for a walk every day my highest priority, and thankfully the swelling has now reduced.

If you’re getting pain though and that’s not usual for you, I would contact my GP. Even if they don’t see you, they’re doing phone consultations, and if you have a mobile phone with a camera, that could include you showing them your leg. Hopefully they will be able to give you good advice.

I hope you feel better soon. Deborah

I'm not an expert but I suggest that your reduced mobility is due to loss of muscle tone, as you haven't been getting your usual type of exercise recently. If possible, maybe try and keep up the walking outdoors, building up gradually, until hopefully you regain your former fitness.

I agree with Deborah about contacting your GP if the pain is unusual for you or doesn't start to improve soon.

All the best

It may well be that lymphoedema itself doesn't cause pain - trouble is it irritates other things which do cause pain (that is my theory, anyway).

I think our muscles easily lose their strength if not used (or not used much). Can you do more walking around the house? I have been suggesting to my Mum that she tries going up and down the bottom step of the stairs. She is 89 and used to walk to the shops every day. I am concerned that after this she is going to have lost a lot of leg strength. Best wishes

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Part of my indoor exercises are going up and down the stairs 10 times as fast as I can, which is not fast. but I get out of breath.

Yes I have mobilty problems now with me having Lymphoedema in both lower legs it really hard to cope with I have had Lymphoedema for over 20 yrs but it got worse in the 10 yrs

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