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Probiotics or not


Just started long term antibiotics for recurring cellulitis and getting upset gut. Thinking of going on to probiotics. good idea or not ?

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I reckon it's a good thing. I take goats milk kefir daily anyway, but include probiotics for a few weeks if I have an infection.

Definitely a great idea to going on probiotics, just make sure the product is a quality one! And please just don't consider taking antibiotics long term ! will end up doing you more harm than good. Good luck and wishing you well xx

The Concensus document on the use of antibiotics for recurrent cellulitis in lymphoedema do recommend long term low dose antibiotics, because they help to break the cycle and enable the damage which cellulitis causes on already impaired lymphatics , to recover. Best advice is to discuss with Lymphoedema Clinician before deciding either way.

I took probiotics when I was prescribed prophylactic antibiotics.

My GP thought it was a good idea and I felt I was doing something to help myself.

Good Luck.


I’ve had right arm lymphedema for 10 years and in currently in active cancer treatment with low immune system. In the last year I have had recurring bouts of cellulitis- once acute and was in hospital for 3 days with IV antibiotics. Other incidents were milder and cleared up with 14 day course of Augmentin (amoxicillin). As a result of recurring incidents, the infectious disease doctor just put me on low dose antibiotic-Doxycycline 50mg- taken twice day. I hate the idea of being on this all the time but he said I am prone to having cellulitis again and again. Hopefully this will prevent it. Just one more thing to manage on a daily basis besides cancer and lymphedema. I was told to always eat before taking it to prevent upset stomach. Also avoid taking other meds/vitamins within 2 hours. I’ve been drinking Yakult-probiotic drink found in grocery store in yogurt section. Good luck to both of us!