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I am suffering from not being able to wake up until late in the morning and, sometimes needing another nap not long afterwards. I sleep about 11 hours per night! Does anyone else find the same problem or, is it just me? Xx

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I sleep at least 10 hours a night. I have to force myself to get up even then. But I’ve always required at least nine hours.

I keep hearing the older you get the less sleep you need. It’s the opposite for me.

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I sympathize with you. I take medication called letrozole to lower estrogen levels. Some of the side effects are fatigue and thinning of bones. It was recommended by my oncologist to go to a gym for weight bearing and also cardio exercise. I still get a bit tired but the exercise is helping.

Hope this helps.

I’m right there with you! I’ve always hated mornings but it’s gotten worse since the whole cancer/chemo thing. Glad I’m not the only one who hates mornings!

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