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Hey everyone. I was GabbiD but I changed my account to GabbiD44 because my previous account was linked through my FB. With the latest data breach I discontinued any account that was linked to my FB.

Anyway, I have had lipoedema in my legs(mostly left, but definitely both) for several years but was only diagnosed this past fall. I did wraping for 3 weeks and am now in custom socks to my knee. I am carrying 100lbs in extra weight and am hopimg to work on that next, now that I can wear sneakers. I mostly do recumbent biking and some walking for exercise, as I can see both benefits and aggravation to my legs with walking. I have a sedentary office job. So I try to keep up with my leg exercises at my desk but its easy to forget and then I can feel my leg pushing agaisnt my stocking.

I have realky appreciated the insights of this group. I am currently working on finding summer wear that will be managable with my heavy stockings and am trying not.to freak out about traveling this summer. Again thanks to you all!


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Glad you found us and go for long floaty skirts or wide leg trousers x


when I sat at my desk I stacked books underneath to keep my leg elevated finally I got a little box etc and I made a oint to get up and walk even for a few minutes to get water or just to move. if you have an extra 100 pounds you would do yourself a favor to reduce using a healthy method less sugars less salt look into a plant based diet along with a paleo and find what works for you... I had back surgery 39 years ago and have stayed pretty slim since then to help my spine etc and now with lympedema in my left leg I make an effort to stay very slender to avoid the extra build up of fluids it never goes away but it is easier to manage .. weight watchers meetings are great too as they work with eating what you want basically unlimited fruits and veggies but sometimes comparing a few good ones really help to find what your body works best with.. fruit sugars are different from juices and candy honey etc. so I have read...

good luck

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Thank you for your response. I was doing really on.losing weight and then my mom died. And I let it sideline me. Your auggestions are good ones. I get overwhelmed on which diet is the best diet, but I am guessing it is the one I can stick with and do. Lol

As for my leg, I was lucky to find a stool that I can put under my desk, but getting up to walk is something I always forget to do. I need to make it a priority.

Thanks againfor your suggestions.


I use my iPhone alarm or a 45 min

Hour glass. Sorry for your loss

I will have to look into an alarm good idea. One of my co workers uses an egg timer but the ticking would drive me crazy.

And thanks. It was 7 years ago. So hardly an excuse anymore. But it was definitely thw original set back.

But thanks again!

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