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Abnormal feeling of Liquid running down my legs. Kinda long post


Around the beginning of 2016 I started having this feeling on my inner thighs as if I just had an accident but when I felt my thighs they were completely dry,After awhile (a month or two) it spread from my inner thigh all the way down to my ankles,until by the end of the year it was my whole legs had that feeling 24/7 and its 2018 and I still have the feeling.

Now before this happened I was a rather normal teen, I hung out with friends and my boyfriend,I was very social. This abnormal feeling felt as if I peed myself which made me very self conscious and made me feel very bad about myself,I started skipping school avoiding everyone because this problem messed with me mentally and emotionally.I ended up missing so much school that I got dropped out and started online school,I stopped hanging out with my friends and broke up with my boyfriend. My depression came back at full force and had three suicide attempts mentally I was messed up I felt and still feel like a freak that has something Wrong with her.I didn't leave the house at all unless i was forced.The first time I went to the docs when I told her about my depression,Exsessive sweating she said it was normal teen problems at that point I didn't feel confident and comfortable telling her about the abnormal feeling in my legs so I didn't tell her.I got antidepressants for a month. I didn't go back there and was uncomfortable about going to another docs Till December 2017 I went to the hospital clinic I told her everything and had blood work done.The first round everything was fine then second round of blood work she prescribed me Levothyroxine because I have hypothyroidism.She wanted me to see a neurologist is January but they still haven't called me so I have to wait till the 30th of March (An appointment with my doc) to see if she still want me to see a neurologist.I still have the abnormal feeling in my legs. And my parents don't know about my suicide attempts,They know about the abnormal feel though.

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Hi alyssalou, with lymphoedema the feeling you have in your legs like you have peed yourself is just the lymph fluid moving around and is normal, I thought the same as you the first time it happened to me so don’t worry about it.

Have you been diagnosed with lymphoedema. I have hypothyroidism too.

Alyss in reply to Bev-1966

The only diagnosis that she gave me so far is just Hypothyroidism.

Bev-1966 in reply to Alyss

Hi, have you got swelling anywhere ie, legs, arms.

Alyssalou have you been diagnosed with lymphoedema?

You may like to find a manual lymphatic drainage therapist - MLD might aleviate the sensation of fluid in the tissue.

Have you been referred to a psychologist?

Alyss in reply to Lynora

I haven't been diagnosed with it.She did want me to see a therapist but i haven't made an appointment yet.

Find a therapist (mlduk.org.uk) have a session and see if you feel better afterwards.

This site is for lymphoedema - there is a site for hypothyroidism - HealthUnlocked.com/hypothyroidism

My darling girl, you have been through hell but from here the way is upwards. Everyone on this forum will do their best to help you to get an accurate diagnosis and then proper treatment. The Lymhoedema Support Network (LSN) has loads of information about lower limb lymphoedema and you could get an information leaflet to take with you to your 30th March appointment as most GPs don't know much about it.

Good luck xx

I have had lyphoedema for 20 years plus I have had same feeling for a long time the doctor said it was due to what I got it feels like my legs are dripping inside not outside but I check my legs anyway just in case it is like a tap dripping slowly a very strange feeling indeed I would tell the doctor everything as that is their job do not feel like you cannot tell them that is what they are there for plus it will help you I hope this helps I will be thinking of you God bless

Hello Brandish54, know you have answered this post,bless her but you have also answered a question that I have been wondering about. The feeling of having peed yourself, I too have that feeling and not known whether I have or not. Until reading your answer I have been checking for about 6 months now. Do not know if you can answer another little question? understand if you can't, after having a wee although it is colourless and odourless, after tiding yourself up, find it will still drip. Feel ashamed as have never "wet" myself, maybe as a child but this has only happened since I have had lymphoedema/cellulitis, 12 years or so now. I feel so scared as think the lymphoedema has got into the lymph glands in my groin.

I don't know as to if it is in your lymph glands. ( in groin ) all I know is I get a water infection sometimes when my lymphoedema plays up and I always use pads to catch any drips as this is a big problem colourless and odourless it is still uncomfortable also when I go to were it feels like I have finished but after about 10 minutes I have another wee as if I had not had the first pee take care

Angelil in reply to Brandish54

Have you ever asked your nurse about this? I have urine problems sometimes when I have lymphoedema flare ups (however it is the reverse and I can’t go or sometimes can’t empty my bladder fully). My nurse said that they can’t be linked but it’s intetesting that you have made the link too.

Alyssalou hypthyroidism can cause depression & may be part of the reason you feel so distressed, depressed & sometimes suicidal. If you go back to the dr who found out that you had hypothyroidism & speak completely openly to her, you should get referred for therapy/ support, which is essential. Its a bad time but it will improve, with help, your thyroid treatment may also help. Find an adult, if not your parentdss, that you can trust to talk to, as you need support & help to cope. Take care & God bless. Meg

That's crazy to hear all these people who have gone thru same thing. So I started getting this wed dripping sensation down my legs. Shins mostly down to ankles. It started around 3 years after my meth addiction started. It got so bad , every time I would get high , I thought I peed myself but would always be dry. It was so uncomfortable n I continued to get high anyway n be so awkward in front of people because towards the end it was instant. I would get high n start "dripping". I was convinced everyone around me knew. N the Netherlands made the paranoia worse. I would go to the bathroom countless times to check. Nothing ever there. The paranoia got so bad I would think people were just staring at my legs but no one ever said anything. I mean if I really was obviously dripping I would think one of the countless people I was around would say something?. Anyway , it in part was a big factor in me cleaning up my act. I'm 28 and have been on drugs since 16. I have now been clean n sober for 4 months and the sensation is gone. Although it MILDLY comes back when I drink too much coffee. Still trying to put my finger on the coralation. I also have had bladder problems all my life. Since a kid. Can't hold pee too long. Every time I gotta go it's urgent! Sometimes I gotta push my bladder manually to pee. All this stuff must be connected. Never seen a doctor for it.

Meth not Netherlands lol

I have the very same sensation. I think I’m going crazy. I wonder if it’s related to my Lymphadema diagnosis. You were the only person who googled this question. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be in this group. But I’m glad I am!

I'm very confused... I found your post because I have the exact same feeling you have since I was a kid, except I only have it in my left inner thight and only when I pee (not even every time I pee).

I thankfully don't have depression or anything and this didn't affect me mentally or emotionally at all but hearing what happened to you... now Im kinda worried. Do you think I might have hypothyroidism as well but in an early stage or nah?

Hope you are feeling ok now btw!

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