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MCT Diet

Firstly, I like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I was wondering if anyone who had tried the MCT diet ever successfully reverted back to a normal diet without any symptoms?

My daughter has rigidly followed the MCT diet since July during which time her lymphorrhea completely stopped. With it being Christmas she wanted to follow a fairly normal diet to enjoy the festivities and was very prepared for the return of lymphorrhea.

She has now been following an unrestricted diet since 23rd. She has eaten chocolate, pizza, biscuits and most importantly Christmas dinner! So far she has not had any of her symptoms return. I understand it is early days but previously a slight deviation from her diet caused her lymphorrhea to return within a day.

She is now following a more relaxed diet with caution so she is avoiding fried food and only having small amounts of chocolate etc. This still far exceeds the 7g of fat she is allowed on her diet but so far no return of her lymphorrhea. We are hopeful that moving forward this more normal diet will be tolerated.

I’m not sure if it is possible that during the time she was on the MCT diet that it enabled any internal breaks that were allowing lymph to exit her body to heal or if her lymphorrhea will return imminently?

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who follows a MCT diet.

Best Wishes

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I’d love to know more about the MCT diet. Where is the best place to find out.

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