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My introduction to this site

I was diagnosed in March of 2014 with type 2 diabetes and a month later I found out I had lung cancer. Surgery to remove the lower lobe of my right lung proved successful and I have been cancer free a little over 3 years. My problems now seem to be constant yeast infections under the breasts and now, severe rashes with bumps on my hands, arms, face, and upper chest. Doctors can't pin point the cause, so they try something else each time I go back to them. I know I'm not alone with these problems and look forward to reading anything and everything everyone has tried.

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Have antifungal meds or creams helped with the infection under the breasts? Antibiotics didn’t work for me when it happened after breast cancer treatment. A friend recommended I make sure the skin was dry in that area after a shower, by using a hand held hair dryer. I then applied nappy rash cream, until it was fully absorbed, then put a folded 100% silk scarf on the area, allowing my boobs to hold it in place. It was very soothing and helped for a while, but I needed antifungal meds when I have a severe flare up after contracting a chest infection.

Have they done a skin test to see if you have developed an allergy? Ask to be referred to Dermatology.


I had a flare up under my right breast on 10/31/2017 and the doctor gave me an antifungal cream and an anitibiotic and it cleared up until 3 days ago when I had another flare up and they gave me Ketoconazole which was different than what I had used in October. Also, I have a rash/bumps spreading all over my hands, arms, face, and neck, so I got in to see an NP at the local dermatologist office. They just had to guess at the new skin problem and gave me Triamcinolone Acetonide for that. Hopefully, it will all be cleared up, but there apparently isn't any cure for any of these things. I haven't had any skin tests, but when I go back on Jan. 15, they might have to send me for testing. They didn't mention that. I think being diabetic has a lot to do with that skin rash/bumps, but for now it's just a guessing game and I'm the guinea pig. Keeping the breast dry at all times is what they told me I needed to do, so I'm going to put a paper towel under my bra to take up moisture.


Be careful with paper towel - it can cut the skin. Fabric is better, or if there is a lot of sweating, a sanitary towel can be useful.


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