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Combine professional stocking source with zipper facility

For some months I have been required to wear pressure stockings, made to measure and provided under NHS. Originally level 2, latest level one. Whilst with difficulty and using a machine, I can just get them on. It is impossible for me to get them off without assistance - which is not always available. Being a sailor, I have been trying to set up a pulley system to get them off but recently have been made aware of Zipper Stockings - which have never been suggested by the lovely NHS staff.

Who knows of NHS approved stocking manufacturers, who can provide made to measure stockings with Zips please? Name and contact tel numbers please. Jeremy p pudney

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BSN medical make zippered compression garments. Your clinic can measure you up using the Elvarex measurement sheets, and they are available on prescription.


Professionals don't always like to give patients stockings with zips. It is difficult to do them up unless you have 3 hands to help and also the compression is 'interrupted' by the break in the stocking. Zips often leave deep indentations in the leg which indicates reduced lymph flow. Have a look online at the Sockeez for removing stockings. There is also a newer gadget on the market called the 'Steve' which looks very promising. Neither are available on prescription, but the 'Steve' will be eventually. Company producing 'Steve' is Gardamed. These products are suitable if you can't reach your feet.


Thank you for your .I currently use a machine to get them on but have never found anything to help pull them off. I now have had three loops sewn into the top of the socks and I plan to tie a cord from the loops to a solid object, like a balustrade - and then pull or shuffle backwards! If that doesn't work I will try with a block and tackle. Wish me luck and no bets that the loops will tell tear off once the tension builds around the swollen heal. Cheers jpp


I have been given Velcro compression wraps I have them that fit over foot and ankle then ones over the calf up to the knee and knee ones and thighs to finish they are easy to put on and adjust. They are brilliant you can tighten or loosen them as the day progresses


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