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Had my Lymphography today. As it was explained to me, they would inject the dye and start the scan. Then I would get some down time giving the dye a chance to travel through my system, before the next scan, and so on. This didn't happen. They started the scan and when it was finished they carried on to the next stage untill the whole process was finished. Took 3 hrs in total. At the end I asked why it was done this way. Was told that the dye was traveling through my body quicker than they thought it would. Was also told that it as one of the quickest times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't tell me anything except that the dye seemed to be moving through my system quite quickly. Does this mean that my lymphs are not blocked???? If so, got to wait a week or so to find out. And if thats the case I'm back to square one, basically not knowing whats causing my swelling/bloating. O well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Sorry for the long post. x

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  • Wait for the results angie - the lymph may have been unfettered in the lower limbs, but the scan will have included the pelvic nodes.

  • I will Lynora but don't you just hate the waiting. But not long now. Hope alls well with you x

  • Let me know how you get on, I hope you get answers

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