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question how would you know if you have lymphodema in your arm I have the most awful pain in my right arm and hand but only from the elbow up no pain in my forearm only had it for a couple of days I am going to use a heat rub on it see if that works x

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Sorry cannot really help. Do you have a breast care nurse you can contact? It sounds as though you really should see someone about it.

Is it red and swollen? If so, you need to see someone straight away as it could be cellulitis xx

Hi I have it in both legs the only place I have had cancer is on the sole of my foot and it was cut out a while ago x

Is there any redness or heat in your arm? I don't think a heat rub will do anything that a simple massage wouldn't do. It may irritate the skin - which you seem to be having problems with elsewhere.

I think it's unlikely to be lymphoedema, but no harm in getting it checked.

Ahhh frig love you, alot off peeps on here seems to have had cancer 😔 as if you hadn't been through enough xxx 💜

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